Other Services

The Parliamentary Secretariat for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing provides several services aimed at elderly people in order to help them with their everyday life.
On the 60th birthday of a person, he/she is automatically presented with the Kartanzjan, provided he/she is a
Maltese Identity card holder.  The Kartanzjan entitles the bearer for certain rebates and concessions.
Since the Kartanzjan is automatically issued, no registration documents are needed. Further details on this card can be found here
The new Telecare Plus service encourages older adults, disabled persons and those with special needs, to
continue living in their own homes. It provides both subscribers and their carers and relatives, with peace of mind. Subscribers can call for assistance when this is required. Telecare plus also provides them with the possibility of calling for help from police, health doctors or relatives.
Further information on this service can be found here
Handyman Service
The Handyman Service enables older people and persons with special needs to lead an independent life in their own home as much as possible. Jobs in this service vary from plumbing to carpentry to electricity.
Further information on this service can be found here
Incontinence Service
The physical and financial strain on those families whose relatives suffer from incontinence problems, are huge. The incontinence service provided by the Department for the Elderly and Community Care helps to alleviate such strain through the provision of subsidised diapers.
Further information can be found here
Meals on Wheels
The main objective of this service is to provide cooked meals to elderly people and other persons who still live in their own home but, for a reason or another, are unable to prepare their own food. This service is provided by the Maltese Cross Corps which is a non-governmental organisation, in conjunction with the Department for the Elderly and Community Care
Further details on eligibility, fees for the service and procedure to apply can be found here
Home Help
The home care help service offers non nursing, personal help and light domestic work to older adults or persons
with special needs. The aim of such service is to aid beneficiaries to keep on living in their community as independently as possible.
Further information on this service can be found here