Residential Homes

Nowadays, a number of facilities are available to older people in order for them to integrate with others and prevent social isolation. Such facilities provide services both during the day as well as for the night.  Some of them offer also services to person with speacial needs.
Day Centres
Day Centres provide a sense of independence and social integration. There are 20 centres around Malta offering a variety of services such as dancing lessons, educational activities, and physiotherapy sessions among others.
A nominal fee is paid by any person attending the day centre. For a list of day centres, eligibility and other information please click here
Residential Homes
Elderly and disabled persons, who are no longer able to cope with living on their own due to physical difficulties, go through emotional stress. However, residential homes offer an emotionally safe and secure environment them to overcome such emotional stress.
The list of residential homes together with the required documents to apply and other relevant information can be found here
Night Shelter
The first night shelter in Malta has been opened in Malta by the Department for the Elderly and Community Care in collaboration with the Jesus of Nazareth Sisters of Zejtun.  This night shelter offers a secure environment to those elderly persons who live alone and feel insecure during the night.
Further information about the night shelter can be found here