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Children’s and Maternity Allowance

School books, clothes, shoes, food, ballet lessons… the bills just keep adding up when you have children. In order to help you out as you bring up your children, the Government in Malta provides a Children's Allowance​ 
calculated according to how much you earn.

There is a special allowance if you have a disabled child. To benefit from the
Disabled Child Allowanceyou will need to present a doctor’s certificate and a medical panel will evaluate the case. The allowance covers your child until they are 16 years old.

If you are fostering a child you will receive a
Foster Care Allowance. Any family, married couple or single individuals (in particular cases only), irrespective of their age, class, race and religion, can become foster carers if they undergo training and an assessment, and receive approval from the Fostering and Adoption Panel.

If you are pregnant you may be entitled to a
Maternity Benefit from the Maltese Government or Maternity Leave Benefits from your place of employment.

To receive the
Maternity Benefit you must be either unemployed or not taking Maternity Leave from your place of employment. You will need to apply for this allowance when you are in your eighth month of pregnancy or if you have given birth to a child within the last six months.

Maternity Leave Benefit is for employed or self-employed women in Malta who have just given birth and are taking maternity leave.

Other Benefits

If you are the head of a household and are receiving Social or Tuberculosis Assistant you may receive a Milk Grant Benefit
if you are taking care of a child under 40 weeks old and who needs weaning, complementary feeding or who cannot breast feed for medical reasons.
The Government provides social and unemployment financial assistance if you are unemployed, a single, unmarried parent, a carer or a recovering alcoholic or substance abuser.

herefor information on Social and Unemployment Assistance.