Advisory Committee on Healthcare Benefits

   Advisory Committee on Immunisation

   Agricultural Advisory Committee of the Planning Authority

   Aviation Security Committee

   Bioethics Consultative Committee ​​

   Civil Protection Scientific Committee

   Civil Society Committee​

  Committee for the administration of the Pension and Contingency Fund

   Committee of Guarantee

     Committee on Smoking and Health

    Committee of Inquiry

   Compensation Schemes Management Committee 

   Cottonera Rehabilitation Committee

   Cross Border Prior Authorisation Committee​

   Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee

    Design Advisory Committee of the Planning Authority

   Explosives Committee

   General Contracts Committee

   Government Formulary List Advisory Committee

   Government Formulary List Advisory Appeals Committee

   Gozo Regional Committee

   Health Care Professions Appeals Committee

   Human Trafficking Monitoring Board

   Language Policy in Education – Joint Standing Committee

   Local Enforcement System Committee

   Malta Red Cross Society Management Committee

   Management Committee - St Vincent De Paule Residence


      National Antibiotic Committee

   National Feasts Committee

   National Verification Committee for Measles and Rubella

   Natural Heritage Advisory Committee

   Ornis Committee

   Retail Price Index Advisory Committee

   School Arbor Committee

   Scientific and Technical Committee

   Standing Committee (Geographical indications and designations)​

    St Vincent De Paule Residence - Management Committee

   Street Naming Committee   

   Treatment Abroad Advisory Committee

    Users' Committee of the Planning Authority

   Valletta and Floriana Rehabilitation Committee

    Victim Offender Mediation Committee

    Welfare Committee

   Working Hospital Committee

   Zammit Clapp Hospital Management Committee