Reference Number: PR2334, Press Release Issue Date: Oct 21, 2013
On the 15th October, H.E. Dr. Alex Sceberras Trigona presented his credentials as the new Permanent Representative of the Republic of Malta to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva.

During his meeting with newly appointed Director-General, WTO, Ambassador Roberto Carvalho de Azevêdo, H.E. Sceberras Trigona expressed his full support to the DG’s efforts in seeking to reinvigorate the multilateral trading system. He augured that the upcoming Ministerial Conference in Bali be a successful one.

Shifting to a possible national initiative, Ambassador Sceberras Trigona suggested that Malta would, in the future, be willing to host a brainstorming retreat event relating to the WTO on the same lines of a recent meeting held in Corfu and hosted by the Greek government.  Ambassador Sceberras Trigona touched upon the notion of ‘online diplomacy’ and how this could become instrumental in the course of the work of the WTO.  He also raised the concept of ‘digital economy’ stressing that the WTO should engage in raising awareness towards it in the future. 

Mr. Carvalho de Azevêdo expressed appreciation towards these suggestions proposed by Malta.  While stressing the need to focus strictly on the Bali deliverables, Mr. Carvalho de Azevêdo found merit in the recommendations and was not averse towards a discussion on the matter in the future as long as it would remain member driven.

During his stay in Geneva, Ambassador Sceberras Trigona attended the Informal Trade Negotiations Committee at the level of Heads of Delegation. He was introduced to several other Permanent Representatives to the WTO with whom he discussed issues relating to the current trends within the ambit of international multilateral trade negotiations, which are expected to converge in the upcoming WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali.

Dr. Sceberras Trigona was also received by the Head, EU Delegation, WTO in Geneva, Ambassador Angelos Pangratis, with whom he discussed issues relating to EU coordination within the WTO as well as how this coordination dovetails with the Trade Policy Committee (TPC) which meets regularly in Brussels.

A notary public by profession, Dr. Sceberras Trigona graduated in law from the University of Malta and was elected as Rhodes Scholar at Oriel College, Oxford University, where he read politics, philosophy and economics.  He lectures public international law at the Faculty of Laws and diplomacy at the department of international relations of the University of Malta.  He is also a Senior Fellow at the Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies.  He served as Foreign Minister of Malta between 1981-87.  During his tenure, he launched several initiatives which focus on promoting peace and security in the Mediterranean.  As from March 2013, Dr. Sceberras Trigona has been appointed as special envoy to the Prime Minister.

Ambassador Sceberras Trigona is married to Johanna and they have two daughters, Alexia and Angela.