Application for authorisation B for the installation, alteration, extension and certification of single phase electrical installations and three phase electrical installations rated up to 300Amps per phase.

List Title

<div>​Application for Authorisation B – Three Phase Electrical Installations.</div>


Important Notice

<div class="ExternalClass8D1CACE9654140C38F63E657352A153C">MRA reserves the right to seek further clarifications / request additional information from the applicant in order to process this application. This application shall be refused should it transpire that the information (including attachments) and, or declarations submitted in this application are not correct. <br><br>The eventual granting (if any) of the authorisation associated with this application implies that the applicant shall comply with any approved standards, Codes of Practice, authorisation conditions or requirements of the Authority with regard to the activity being authorised. Issue of the authorisation will be subject to the applicant being in compliance to all relevant laws and adhering to relevant permits, authorisations or licenses by the relevant public authorities and government entities.</div>

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