Frequently Asked Questions

What is eForms?

eForms is found within the Government's site. It is the online form repository for the Government of Malta. Using it, you can find forms for all the Government of Malta services. Some of the forms can only be downloaded, but most are being turned into eForms (or Online Forms), so that you can fill out these forms, save your progress and submit them to the entity in question, online, at any time of day and night, saving you time and money.

What can I see in the homepage

What you see in the centre of the homepage depends on whether you are signed in to Forms or not. If you are not signed in you can go to the list of all Government administrative forms in a complete A to Z listing. The home page will also list the Most Popular Forms, Useful Forms and Business or Personal Forms. When you are signed in, the central section will contain your forms, split according to their status. We refer to this as the Forms Manager:

  • The first section refers to forms where your attention is needed. Typically this happens when you started a draft application which is not yet completed, or the Government entity requires new or missing information or perhaps the service is at the stage that requires the settlement of an administrative fee.
  • The second section groups the forms that are being processed.
  • The third section contains forms which have been rejected or withdrawn by yourself.
  • The last section includes forms which have been completed.

How do I find forms I need?

You can find forms you need in many ways. One way is to search for the form using the search bar at the top right corner of the Government site. The search may return articles and other information relevant to the subject, not necessarily forms. However, if you proceed to the eForms home page, the search box in the middle of the screen will restrict your search to forms. If your search does not return the result you wanted, try again using better keywords, as explained on the page.

You can also find the form you need by clicking the A to Z list, where all the Government administrative forms are listed whether these are available to fill online or in printable format. There are also shorter lists that will help you go through the forms more easily, these are:

What can I do with Online forms?

Online forms found on can be filled in, printed, saved and submitted to the relevant authorities. You can even start filling a form, save your progress and continue on another occasion. The online form follows a workflow which is presented to you at a high level so that you can log again on the site and track the progress of your service.

Why can I not find a form I need?

The A to Z list of forms is a comprehensive list of all Government forms. Every care was taken by Government entities, offices of the Chief Information Officer in Ministries and MITA to ensure that the list is complete and that the forms and descriptions are updated. In some cases, forms were not uploaded if they relate to services that have not been structured to use a form or to schemes that are no longer open to the public. If you believe that a Government form is missing from the listing, please send us an email to with the subject "Missing form in the A to Z list of all forms".

Not all forms have been placed online in a way to be filled and submitted right away. Given the large number of Government of Malta forms that exist, the process is a lengthy one, but we shall be adding forms every month. If you know for certain that the form is online, you may be looking in the wrong place. Try using the search function or looking for it in the online forms.

On my Forms Manager, next to the forms names, there is also a date and time. What is that for? The date and time next to the form name on the Forms Manager refers to when you submitted the form, unless the form is in the Attention Required folder with its status showing "Draft" or "Application being submitted". In that case, this is the date when you last saved the form.

What data will be shared?

You will explicitly be asked for your consent for eForms to share any data that is not in your profile. We will share data that you provide us when it is needed by another entity or department. For example, you will only need to provide your mailing address once, it will be pre-filled when you need to share it again during the same e-Service. Your rights within the Data Protection Act are not affected by agreeing to the terms and conditions and using eForms.

How do I change my personal details used on eForms?

Your personal details are pre-filled for you in the application forms that you use on the Government website. To view and change your personal details, simply log in, choose eForms from the Services and Information menu and go to profile in the middle of the menu. You will be able to change details depending on how you're logged in. If you logged in with your e-ID you can change everything except your name, surname, address and ID card number. If you logged in with an email address, you can change anything except the email address.

How can I track a form that I submitted?

When you go again to the Government site, look for the Forms Manager under the Services and Information menu or directly by clicking here

Look at the first section to see if the form has now been returned for your own action.

If it is in the second section titled "In Progress", you can click on the status of the form (for example "Application being assessed". The site will display the Form Progress Timeline. The current stage is shown in red and there is an arrow on top of it. The page will also indicate the contact information of the Government entity that is responsible for processing the current stage. You can click on "Open Process" to view a PDF representation of your form with updated information from the Government entities. The updated information may include comments and processing dates.